Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Steals: Free or pretty darn good deals!

Every Saturday I will feature free books and other darn good deals. They are STEALS!

Free Kindle Book: The Haunted House A True Ghost Story by Walter Hubbell

During the years 1878-1879 in Nova Scotia, Canada a haunting took place known as the Amherst Mystery. Walter Hubbell visited during the summer of 1879. He gives first- hand accounts of the poltergeist activities he witnessed. The haunting primarily surrounded home owners niece, Esther Cox. The first half of the book is a bit slow, Hubbell gives details of the family’s everday life. I suppose in an attempt to show normality. If you just want the spooky it may be a trudge. But the remainder of the book is astonishing in the attempts to communicate with the ghost. Some of the reports exceed believability. This book was released in 1888 and was a blockbuster for the time.

Another Kindle Freebie: Familiar Quotations. I say, why not? It is free.

I’m in no Mood for Love by Rachel Gibson only $0.99 for Kindle today. Who isn’t in the mood for love and laughs?

  Only $699 for a 50 inch. Hurry.

Halloween Food! Time to plan for ghosts and goblins. Free.
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