Sunday, August 25, 2013

Writing Tools: Jungian Archetypes

As discussed in previous post Writing Tools: Archetypes archetypal analysis is a strong tool for the writer.  As readers recognize and respond to ideas, patterns and symbols that are universal to them.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung submitted that archetypes were part of a collective unconscious.

He believed archetypes were primordial or ingrained in our understanding and universal.
His two primary categories of archetypes are characters and situations/symbols.

Unlike the authors of  Heroes and Heroines: 16 Master Archetypes, Jungian archetypes focus of a more limited set of characters and situations or symbols.

While The Hero's Journey of Joseph Campbell and Chris Volger have specific steps that must be taken, Jung see archetypical situation.


1.    The Hero
2.    The Outcast
3.    The Scapegoat
4.    The Star-crossed Lovers
5.    The Shrew


1.    The Task
2.    The Quest
3.    The Loss of Innocence
4.    The Initiation
5.    Water – A better term might be Rebirth. Jung believed Water is a symbol of rebirth of life.

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